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Hi! Effa here. I'm the owner of this blog. And sooo proud to have this. Thanks for your visit and do contact me as well. See ya!

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-my first writen-

heLL0...this is my first written iNside links..s0 let me iNtrduce my seLf first!!naMa aQ Effa Riza Binti Fedzlan..just c0l me eifah..simPle namE right?pERwatakkan aQ plak,...emp i d0nt kno very weLL!!but ap y pasty aQ se0raNg y byk bErckap..4 th0se y xkNaL aQ aKan cKp aQ s0mbonk..aCtuaLLy2 intresteD draWing..2lah h0by aQ dr keciQ smp bes0.then my intresteD plak..emp....byk sgtlAh..xp pLg aQ Mp lah beS0!!xp xLah paNdai sgt.LPs 2,my fav0rte is c0kLate,ice cReam,b0ok,aNd i luf sh0ppiNg..i d0nt have a l0t story of my life.but i caN teLL others st0ry f0r my sweet note..mybE wheN i write i caN leARn b0ut life..tp kL story 2 bout mY life pasty itu aKan jD keNangan..aNd 0ne things i luve diaRy..i haVe..my diaRy naMe is yaYah diaRY..i luf s0 much!!write is my s0uL..i caNt speak but i caN write..thEy cant understanD and hear at least they kn0 by my written...s0 have a nice reAd