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eVery0ne g0t a hobbies .. me to0o ... 
snap .. capture .. pose .. and also edit ..
my favorite !! btw im not student .. so i dont have any experience or learning any skill ..
based on my interest !! so just do some correction for some scrathes and looking poor ..
then change with skin tone .. then let the picture more attract to views .. 
finish .. "sampai r sedap mata memandang'
s0 , f0r those nak minat  n  if u on study , do the best posibble  learning ..
Btw my picture simple created .. no using big name for create .. 
tHankx to anys for this picture .. His DSLR !!

By : Anysz Mierza
  mase nie photosoot utk jaket style ..

By : Anysz Mierza  Actually this one i mix up few ficture again to get bayang2 .. biase je

By : Jare Mai   Mase dekat MCD .. aq plg minat pic y have some space on edge ..

By : Effa   My friend .. Walaupun ad skit xctk xp im love to see air muke org dr pix ..

By : Anys Mierza : Nie eLly , cantikk !! then i also love no colur in pix ,, get classic

BY : Anyzs Mierza  ONYL GURL

By : Anysz Mierza   Nie uny .. Tgk ad colourful addition .. gediww tmbh2 tao !!

By : Aufa   Photo from below !! nice .. can see what we have on sky .. Farizul
By : Effa   Nie Nizam .. sumtime gam y snap tanpa diketahui pon ley jd cantk .