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Lets talk bout him..

He's cute .. Nice boy ..Always make me smile in the morning .. caring .. 
Dah lame rase nye x mengenali sum1 tu lebih mendalam .. so now i start to study how to kno man ..
He's not rich .. he's not handsome and not too macho .. but im ok with him ..
But patot ke aq troskan .. emp ... im still  worried bout my feel .. 
can i honest with him ..
can i be a good gurl for him .. can i give all my heart to his heart .. can i be ..
What im feel is now is loving .. but do i confuce . ttttttttt
If i accept i must throw away the "cinta basi" .. HEHHEHE
good bye my past love ..
He's msg me everyday .. He's call ask bout my routine .. He's p0sted in my wall at fb ..
He's care any happen to my .. however baru je kenal ..
i luve his ways ...
i want his promise ..
sebelom nie xpernah ada yang ckp mcm tu ..
xp He only one tell me that things .
i hope its become true ...
i know u are caring to me ..
i will do that to u too , dear ..

something to says : SIAPAKAH DIA !! tunggu ..
ley tahan jiwang aku eak !! xpe bkn selalu r der